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Restaurant open from 12:00 to 19:00.

Disco nights: Fridays 18:00 to 24:00 | Saturdays 19:00 to 2:00.

Entrance fee 20/25 PLN.

We organize: name days, birthdays, special occasions, corporate events, weddings, and communions.

We have been with you for years.


Fish soup Provencal with baked salmon and seafood

Provencal fish soup with added seafood is an aromatic dish from French cuisine in which juicy pieces of fish, meaty seafood and vegetables are cooked in a broth with herbs from Provence. This wonderful combination of ingredients makes this soup a perfect choice for lovers of seafood and French cuisine.

300ml portion – 34,-

1200ml bowl – 100,-

Chicken noodle soup with pieces of chicken

Chicken noodle soup with pieces of chicken is a popular and traditional Polish soup. It is a broth with vegetables, chicken meat and added noodles. This soup is perfect for warming up on cold days and it is very filling.

300ml portion – 18,-

1200ml bowl – 54,-

Warsaw-style beef tripe soup

Warsaw-style beef tripe soup is a classic dish of Polish cuisine, made from sautéed offal (mainly stomachs) and potatoes, poured with meat broth, seasoned with herbs and dried vegetables. The whole dish is simmered on low heat, which makes the tripe soft and aromatic.

300ml portion – 23,-

1200ml bowl – 69,-

Whole mushroom soup with porcini mushrooms

Whole mushroom soup with porcini mushrooms, cooked on low heat, is a dish that is made from a vegetable or meat broth, in which fresh porcini mushrooms are cooked whole. The long cooking time on low heat gives the soup an intense flavor and aroma of mushrooms.

300ml portion – 26,-

1200ml bowl – 78,-


Chicken breast from our smokehouse served on green pak choi salad with a light garlic sauce

This dish consists of smoked chicken breast served on a bed of green pak choi salad, drizzled with a light garlic sauce and accompanied by warm spiced croutons. The delicate flavor of the green pak choi salad perfectly complements the smoked meat and light garlic sauce. All of these ingredients work together to create a tasty, light, and nutritious dish, perfect for a light dinner or lunch.


Baltic cod ceviche on salads with a fresh honey-lime dressing and spiced croutons.

Baltic cod ceviche on salads with a honey-lime dressing is a dish from Peruvian cuisine, consisting of raw cod marinated in lime juice and served on salads, drizzled with a dressing made of honey and lime, served with spiced croutons.


Freshly marinated crabs with a refreshing dressing

This refreshing dish consists of delicate crab claws freshly marinated in a mixture of aromatic coriander and lime juice. The combination of these ingredients creates a unique, fresh taste that pairs perfectly with white wine, making it the perfect dish for a summer evening.



Shrimp in aromatic basil pesto, sautéed in butter with garlic and white wine, served with fresh baguette

Our shrimp in fresh basil pesto is a true feast for the taste buds. The shrimp is lightly sautéed in butter with fresh basil pesto, garlic, and white wine, giving it a unique flavor and aroma. We serve it with crispy baguette, which complements the intense flavor of the shrimp perfectly.


Salmon carpaccio on French toast with wasabi sauce

Salmon carpaccio on French toast is an elegant dish that is sure to impress seafood lovers. Thinly sliced salmon, delicate and full of flavor, is served on French toast. Additionally, the dish is served with a spicy wasabi sauce that perfectly complements the salmon, giving it a piquant flavor.


Marinated salmon tartare

Salmon carpaccio is a dish in which delicate pieces of salmon are arranged on a bed of crispy lettuce in thin slices.


Beef tartare

Beef tartare is a meat dish consisting of finely chopped beef tenderloin mixed with aromatic spices and garnishes.


Charcuterie board from our smokehouse

The charcuterie board from our smokehouse is a meat dish consisting of various types of sausages and meats, prepared in a traditional way using a smokehouse and natural spices. All elements are carefully sliced and served on a wooden board.


Cheese board with fruit

A selection of different cheeses on a board is an ideal proposition for cheese lovers who want to try different varieties and enjoy their wonderful taste and aroma.


Marinated herring in cherry and quince

This dish consists of herring marinated in cherry or quince, giving it a characteristic taste and aroma.



Fish & Chips

A traditional British dish – golden, crispy fish in beer batter, served with thick-cut fries, coleslaw and sauces.


Oven-baked Zander with porcini sauce served on forest mushrooms and young lettuce

Juicy roasted zander, served on a bed of forest mushrooms and delicate young potatoes, topped with aromatic porcini sauce. This dish is for lovers of the classic combination of fish and mushrooms, enriched with the aroma of potatoes and porcini.


Oven-baked Salmon in basil pesto on nduja sauce with Brussels sprouts and young potatoes

Fresh salmon, baked in basil pesto, served with delicate young potatoes and Brussels sprouts. The dish is complemented by an intense yet balanced nduja sauce, whose spiciness perfectly complements the salmon creating a unique flavor bouquet.


Oven-baked Cod in leek and cranberry sauce

Delicate cod, baked on a bed of vegetables that give it an intense flavor and aroma. The dish is served with a spicy leek and cranberry sauce, which enriches the flavor of the fish and highlights the vegetable notes. The whole creates a harmonious dish that will satisfy even the most demanding gourmets.


Mussels in Provencal pesto on butter and wine

A delicious dish of mussels, fried in an aromatic mixture of Provencal herbs in butter and wine. The delicate taste of the mussels blends perfectly with the Provencal aromas, creating an unforgettable taste experience. It is served with warm toast.



Wild boar knuckle in juniper sauce with rosemary on roasted vegetables with a slice of bacon from our smokehouse and pickled beets.

Classic game and spices create an unforgettable taste in our delicately roasted wild boar knuckle. The aromatic juniper sauce with a touch of rosemary perfectly matches and enhances its unique bouquet. We serve it on roasted vegetables with crispy bacon from our smokehouse and lightly pickled beets, which add a sweet-sour flavor and color to this exceptional dish.


Duck breast from the oven on celery with ginger and honey with thyme sauce..

Our juicy duck breast is baked in a special blend of spices, giving the meat a unique taste. We serve it on delicate celery with ginger and honey, which adds sweetness and perfectly complements the meat. Our thyme sauce, prepared with aromatic herbs, highlights the flavor and aroma of duck.


Beef tenderloin steak served on a heated sizzler with mushrooms and roasted tomato.

Juicy beef tenderloin, perfectly cooked on a heated sizzler, served with aromatic mushrooms and juicy roasted tomatoes. This dish is for meat lovers who are looking for a perfect combination of flavors and textures.


Roasted pork tenderloin on caramelized sweet chili peppers with couscous.

Juicy pork tenderloin is baked in the oven and then served on caramelized sweet chili peppers. The dish is complemented by couscous, which perfectly complements the taste of the meat. Ideal for lovers of exquisite meat dishes and oriental flavors.



Sautéed oyster mushrooms in butter and white wine, served with freshly baked vegan bread and salad.

The mushrooms are sautéedto maintain their natural delicacy and texture. The dish is complemented with a fresh salad, which adds a refreshing character to it.


Homemade lentil pierogi.

Our lentil pierogi are the perfect combination of traditional taste with modern culinary trends. The delicate pierogi dough is filled with aromatic lentil filling.


Homemade spinach pierogi.

Our spinach pierogi are the perfect choice for lovers of healthy eating. The delicate pierogi dough is filled with aromatic spinach and Parmesan cheese filling.



Homemade chicken nuggets with fries, salad, and sauce.

Homemade chicken nuggets served with crispy fries, refreshing salad, and sauce of your choice.


Pierogi with cottage cheese, vanilla sauce, and fruits.

Our pierogi with cottage cheese are a traditional recipe prepared with natural ingredients and served with a delicate vanilla sauce and fruits, which make the dish even more special.



Sacher cake with hot raspberries.

Delicate and moist Sacher cake with hot raspberries is a true treat for chocolate lovers. The top of the cake is covered with smooth and shiny dark chocolate glaze, which perfectly complements the intense taste of raspberries.


Pavlova meringue with mascarpone cream and cherries

Light and fluffy Pavlova meringue with creamy mascarpone and cherries is a unique dessert for sweet lovers.


Chocolate fondant with hot cherries

After cutting into the cake, the melting chocolate pours out, which perfectly contrasts with the sour cherries. This dessert is served hot.


Banana toffee

A banana covered with thick, aromatic caramel, served with vanilla ice cream, is a proposal for lovers of sweet desserts. The hot caramel perfectly contrasts with the cold ice cream, creating a unique taste duo.


  • Black / green / fruit tea
    • cup – 12,-
    • pot – 16,-
  • LatteMacchiatto – 17,-
  • Cappuccino – 16,-
  • Espresso / doppio
    • 10,- / 14,-
  • Americano – 13,-
  • Frappe – 22,-
  • Irishcoffee – 34,-
  • Mineral water 330ml / 700ml
    • 13,- / 20,-
  • Coca Cola / Cola Zero / Fanta / Sprite Kinley
    • 250ml – 13,- / 850ml – 30,-
  • Juice
    • 250ml – 13,- / 1L – 30,-
  • Freshly squeezed juice 200ml – 25,-
  • Non-alcoholic cocktails 200ml – 22,-


Złote Lwy / Porter / Marango / Wheat beer / Elderberry / Żywiec / Warka Strong

IPA 0% / Zanzi 0%


  • Aperol Spritz – 39,-
  • Whisky Sour – 32,-
  • Mojito – 34,-
  • Espresso Martini – 33,-
  • CubaLibre – 30,-
  • Błękitna lagunarishCoffee – 29,-
  • Sex on the beach – 39,-
  • Orange Campari – 32,-
  • Negroni – 37,-

  • GinGordon’s – 19,-
  • Rum Havana Especial – 19,-
  • Malibu – 16,-
  • Tequila Olmeca Gold / Silver
    • 25,-
  • Cognac Hennessy V.S. – 45,-
  • Metaxa – 16,-
  • Bailey’s -16,-
  • Jagermeister -14,- / 250,- (0,7L)
  • Homemade tincture
    • 20,-


Martini Bianco / Rosso / ExtraDry / Fiero

100ml – 19,-

VODKA – 40ml / 0,5L
  • Belvedere – 26,- / 305,-
  • Absolut – 15,- / 165,-
  • Finlandia – 15,- / 165,-
  • Pan Tadeusz – 13,- / 145,-
  • Biały Bocian – 13,- / 145,-
  • Baczewski – 16,- / 180,-

WHISKY – 40ml / 0,7L
  • Glenfiddich „12” – 42,- / 690,-
  • Chivas Regal „12” – 24,- / 380,-
  • Johnnie Walker „12” – 23,- / 360,-
  • Ballantine’s „12” – 22,- / 340,-
  • Famous Grouse – 19,- / 300,-
  • Jack Daniel’s – 23,- / 360,-
  • Jameson – 21,- / 330,-


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